Foundation Course 1

Foundation Course 1

FC 1: “Understanding the LGU PFM Reform: The Project, Structure, and Approach.”

Objectives: At the end of the 2-day workshop, participants are expected to:

  • Assess their own level of readiness for the LGU PFM reforms;
  • Appreciate the LGU PFM 2 project, the LGU PFM Reform Roadmap and its Implementatioin strategies, the Capacity Development framework and the various PFM tools to be developed and/or enhanced under this project;
  • Appreciate and understand the structures, roles and approach for the Inter-Agency bodies at national and local levels to move the LGU PFM Reform Roadmap;
  • Establish desired and current state of delivery of Technical Assistance (TA) to the LGUs;
  • Identify determinants of improved delivery of TA to the LGUs;
  • Identify capacity areas needed to improve delivery of TAs to the LGUs;
  • Map out a capacity development plan for each RIAT;
  • Formulate the levels of results of capacity interventions for 2015-2016; and
  • Agree on next steps


  • FC1 Workshop Design - PDF
  • FC1 Presentation Materials - PDF PPT
  • Causal Loop Diagram to Determine Needs of LGUs - PDF
  • CapDev Framework and Plan for OAs - PDF
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