Foundation Course 2

Foundation Course 2

FC 2: “Operationalizing the LGU PFM Reform through the PFMIPs”

Objectives: At the end of the 2-day workshop, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Discuss the Public Financial Management Assessment Tool (PFMAT);
  • Review the Public Financial Management Improvement Plans (PFMIPs) submitted vis-à-vis
  • PFMAT results and the LGU PFM Reform Roadmap, its Implementation Strategy and other performance measurement tools;
  • Identify the different approaches used by the OAs in providing Technical Assistance/support to the LGUs; and
  • Refine CapDev Plan for each RIAT based on the PFMIPs


  • FC2 Design - PDF
  • FC2 Presenation - PDF PPT
  • Breakout Session and Plenary - PDF PPT
  • Plenary 1: PFMAT - PDF PPT
  • Plenary 2: PFMIP - PDF PPT
  • Plenary 3: Applying PFMAT for LGUs - PDF PPT
  • Plenary 4: Crafting PFMIPs - PDF PPT