Foundation Course 4

Foundation Course 4

FC 4: Delivering TA/Support to the Focus LGUs based on the PFM Improvement Plans (PFMIPs).


  • Appreciate the plan-budget linkage medium term framework;
  • Review the enhanced PFMIPs of focus LGUs vis-a-vis resources available and readiness of RIATs and LGUs;
  • Simulate how the focus LGUs will move their priority PFMIPs based on steps reflected in the enhanced PFM Manuals;
  • Appreciate the various manuals and tools we are developing within the context of convergence;
  • Map out a plan for the pilot-testing/roll-out  of these manuals/tools during the ALA;
  • Identify the entry points of your partner RIAT agencies in the roll-out of your respective tools; and
  • Agree on the next steps.



  • FC4 Opening Remarks - PPT
  • FC4 Presentation - PPT
  • FC4 Expenditure Forecasting - PPT
  • Manual of Setting Up and Operating LEE - PPT
  • Tips in Conducting a Feasibility Study for a Proposed LGU LEE - PPT
  • Conducting a Facility Utilization Cost for an LEE - PPT
  • Conducting a Facility Utilization Audit for an LEE - PPT


  • The Local Development Investment Program (LDIP) - PPT
  • The LDIS Process in realation to Goals Formulation and Objective Setting - PPT
  • Structuring Solutions: Transforming Goals into Actions - PPT
  • Translating Vision to Measurable Actions - PPT


  • Forecasting: Revenue Target Setting Presentation and Sample Files - ZIP
  • LRC as a Tool in Stimulating Growth Presentation and Sample Files - ZIP
  • Developing RMM Plan with Tool Kit Presentation and Sample Files - ZIP
  • Monitoring the Updating of SMV - XLS