What is the PFM Reform Roadmap?

A strategic guide on what LGUs want to do and achieve with their PFM in the immediate, medium and long term periods to attain their desired end-state (vision) complemented by a well-designed action program that details the activities and timeframe on how and when they could reach their PFM goal and vision.



Why develop the PFM Reform Roadmap?


Need for a single and comprehensive guide to address weak PFM
  • Lack of fiscal sustainability
  • Inadequate accountability mechanisms
  • Weak coordination among oversight agencies (OAs) and between OAs and LGUs

Uses of the reform roadmap


Provide LGUs with strategic directions to strengthen their PFM system towards improved revenue generation and expenditure management


Assist the OAs to strengthen their coordination in better supporting PFM reforms identified, designed and being implemented by the LGUs


Guide Development Partners in identifying possible entry points for financial support and other interventions